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Choosing a 7 Seater Car Rental in the UK

Many popular destinations in the United Kingdom, such as Edinburgh, Scotland are known to have small, close streets and tricky parking situations.  When you are traveling with a group or you need to bring luggage or equipment the idea of reserving a minivan may be off-putting.  However, a look at today's modern 7 seater car rentals available at Airports like London Heathrow, Birmingham, and even Edinburgh Airport may surprise you with their new compact designs and drivability.

Leading the way in the UK for compact versatility is the Volkswagen Touran 7 seater car hire.  The Touran allows groups of less than 7 to remove seats individually, which is an awesome feature when everyone wants to take more than just a backpack on your road trip.  We also liked the Touran for venturing into the older areas of town, driving on cobblestone roads, and taking tight curves.

Available at top airports like Glasgow International Airport is the Renault Espace 7 seater car rental.  The renault is not your classic minivan.  It has tons of window space and we really enjoyed being able to see the scenery all the way around; from in the back seats and in the front.  Renault also has some pretty clever stowage compartments throughout the interior, helping everyone keep track of the little things while on the road.

When a spacious interior is your main concern consider the Ford Galaxy car hire.  Its perfect for business gatherings or even family road trips.  You can put average sized adults in the third row seats of the Ford Galaxy and not worry about leg and elbow room, or remove the third row bench seats and you magically have a huge cargo compartment, perfect for a group of 5 and their luggage.

If you're traveling with 6 or 7 and a 7 seater just doesn't sound like enough space to fit everything you and your companions would like to bring check out the 9 seater cars rentals available from major airports in the UK.

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