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Avoid Car Rental Theft

Though picking up your car rental at New York Airport or London Heathrow might make you more aware of car rental theft, no matter where you travel in the world it is smart to keep in mind that tourists are major targets for thieves.  Thankfully, your car hire vehicle and your personal possessions inside can be insured for a very affordable price when you purchase Zero Excess Insurance along with your rental, but there are a few thing you should remember to protect yourself (and for your insurance to be effective).

Never Leave the Keys in the Car

This should go without saying, but the number one thing a driver should never do with their car rental is leave the keys in the car.  Not at the hotel, not to pump fuel, not ever!  

Close and Lock Everything

Start with the glovebox and end with the boot.  Every time you leave your car hire make it a habit of locking the glove compartment, putting up all the windows, making sure all the doors are locked, and locking the boot.  Since the majority of car rentals are new cars and almost all new cars have remote entry this should be a super easy task, but you will still need to get into the habit of putting up all the windows and locking the glove box.

Don't Leave Anything Inside

Most theft involving a car hire is not the car itself, but the possessions left behind by the driver.  A cell phone left sitting on a seat, your shopping bags in the back seat, the laptop riding in your passenger side on your business trip are all irresistible to a thief already inclined to break into a car.  In addition, most insurance that covers your personal items only covers things which were stolen from the locked boot or inside the boot when the entire car was stolen.  Go ahead and make it your habit to keep the interior of your car rental empty and lock all of your baggage, purchases, and everything you won't be carrying on you in the boot.

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