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What the Other Bloggers Say About Gas Prices


Oh the grievances of gas prices!  Taking a trip by car rental this year is always more fun than staying at home, but boy do we wish the prices were lower at the pump.  Whether you're looking for tips on how to save money on gas prices or simply enjoy hearing witty bloggers commiserate you're sure to enjoy the gas related posts below.

Outrageous Gas Prices

Dear Helen Hartman

Remember the good old days when gas was cheap and cars were 100x hotter than today?  Ok, there are a few sports car rentals on the market that are quite hot, but nothing like the sexy yellow number at the top of Helen Hartman's vintage take on the rising price of gas.  For the generation that remembers prices per gallon lower than a candy bar this blog is for you.

Gas Buddy

We all need a friend on our side, a buddy, if you will.  Keep up with the latest gas news with the Gas Buddy Blog.  Offering a thorough and wide range of post subject relevant to travelers, the Gas Buddy discusses everything from the touchy stuff like sexism from car dealers to the irrelevance ethanol gasoline.  

Gas Prices

Possibly the most practical of these highlighted blogs, I found this blog to be quite boring and informative.  Do you like facts?  Then you might be able to suffer through a paragraph or two of the Gas Prices Blog.  Although it appears to be riddled with relevant information I didn't quite make it to any.  Better luck to you if you need the advice for your next road trip by car hire.  

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