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Travel With Baby

I will be traveling internationally with my almost-one-year-old soon and I thought I would share a bit of interesting information that I found.  The life of parents is always a bit more complicated and travel is no exception.  Aside from taking the time to check through the requirements on the websites of my airlines, some advice I've gotten from friends has proven invaluable.  So here, I pass that on to you. Whether you will be flying internationally, flying domestic, or taking a short trip by car hire, you can might be able to use a bit of what I've gathered here.

All Child Seats Expire

Thats right moms and dads, every single plastic and foam seat they make for the kiddies these days has a life, and the top brands like Britax recommend no more than 6 years.  Just like bicycle helmets, the materials break down over time.  "So what, Susie is ok with less padding."  Not exactly; according to Britax after six years the plastic begins to become brittle and is at risk for shattering!  Yikes!  If you're renting a car you can definitely reserve a car seat along with your rental, but you might want to call the rental office in advance or ask them to check the seat's expiration date when you pick up the car hire.

Buy a Cheap Umbrella Stroller

Thats right.  A cheap one.  Don't travel with your £200 jogging stroller, they are too big and will have to be checked, and the airline will not be held responsible when they lose its front wheel or bend the frame.  A cheap umbrella stroller is free on most airlines, can fit in the overhead bin, can fit in the boot of most cheap car rentals, and can be carried with one hand when you're juggling luggage.

Babies are Special

Well, we all knew babies were pretty special, but I was super pleased to find out that with most airlines they are allowed some super-special exceptions such as a free diaper bag (basically meaning I get an extra carry on/ personal item) free travel seat, you can bring food on the plane for a baby, and lap infants even get a checked bag when flying internationally!  I found all this from American Airlines website, you should check for similar policies with your airline before you travel.

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