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The Rising Cost of Baggage

In these tough economic times everyone's looking for a way to save money, and whether you plan to travel for business or pleasure finding the most affordable option is a priority.  In addition to the rising cost of fuel, several of the major airlines have increased their rates for baggage, pushing many travelers to size down to only a carry on, or avoid the convenience of flying all together and travel by car hire.

Some airlines have even begun to charge for your carry on bag, something I think none of us had expected.  As of August 1, 2010 low cost carrier Spirit Air began charging $30 online and $45 at the airport for just one "personal Item."  However, Sprirt's charge for the first checked bag is only $19 online ($25 at the airport).  

Most Airlines charge extra for baggage that is larger or heaver than 62-80 inches and 50 lbs, and nearly all charge a bit more for each bag over your first checked bag.  A few don't even list checked bags as an option, and simply say "subject to availability," leaving you to wonder what would happen if you showed up with an extra bag or a slightly larger bag.  Something travelers who reserve a cheap 7 seater car hire don't have to worry about.

There are many instances in which a one way car rental to your desired destination can save money and be more convenient than flying.  For instance, if you need to travel with a lot of equipment, most airlines now charge $125 or more for the third bag, and as much as $350 for the 4th!  Even for couples and groups of 3 and 4, you can save money and have room to cart all your luggage in your vehicle with 7 seater car rental such as the Ford Galaxy which has removable rear seats.

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