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Road Trip Snacks

How do you keep from stopping for fast food while on a road trip?  What kind of snacks should you pack if you are driving on your vacation and you need to keep kids entertained and satisfied.  If going from point "A" to point "B" on your next road trip by car rental doesn't include a stop for snacks every couple hours you might want to pack some with you to ensure every one has a happy ride.  Just make sure not to make too much of a mess in your car hire!

Chew On This

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Like cattle grazing in a field, you can munch the miles away with this delicious Cranberry Nut Granola Bar recipe from  Healthy, convenient, and great for toddlers, grandparents, and everything in between, granola bars might just be the perfect road trip snack!  However, most store bought granola bars are loaded with sugar and junk, so if you don't have time to make them yourself make sure you at least check labels.  Even if you aren't concerned with fattening snacks or nutrients, loading up on sugar while in the car can lead to a blood sugar spike and crash, making you hungrier sooner, tired, and set little ones up for a fit.  Keep everyone calm in the car rental with a low-glycemic treat like this recipe.

Raw Snack Sticks

Savory, easy, not messy, and in 6 delicious flavors to tempt your palate, these raw food snacks can help your group make it a couple more hours to meal time.  You can order your Gopal's Power Wraps by the box for your next trip by car hire and save money on snacks for the whole gang.

A Finer Taste

Whether driving through Spain or Florida by car hire, you can enjoy the delicious flavor of sun-ripened olives with herbs.  The herbed pitted olives from are a hearty snack that will stick to your ribs.  

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