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Retail Science for Travelers


Is shopping a problem for you when you travel by car rental?  Everyone loves to shop, some of us definitely more than others, but what is it about travel that causes us to purchase things we don't need?  I just stumbled upon this excellent video from THNKRTV called Retail Science: What You Need to Know, and it was positively enlightening.  


You might call it "frustrated," "exhausted," or simply "travel weary," but the ordeal of travel is often less than delightful.  It is easier when your destination is not too far and you can simply pick up the car rental and go, but for travelers who have to lug their luggage, go through security, guard their luggage, wait in long lines, and more it can be hard to keep the stress from taking it's toll on your attitude.  This is where airport shopping can break the bank.  Before you pick up an overpriced shot glass at JFK Airport, consider that there are worlds of far more interesting souvenirs you can find while shopping in New York by car rental.


I certainly hope you aren't a sad traveler, but it is completely understandable why you would be.  It can be hard to be away from home, maybe business isn't going so well this time… don't distract with shopping; take a drive instead!  Put on some good tunes, turn off the GPS, and enjoy your car rental to the fullest on the roads of a new city and you're sure to forget your troubles.  It helps to have an ultra-fun car rental like a convertible!


I feel like I'm either constantly hungry or never hungry when I travel.  Like many travelers, I completely lose track of my regular eating patterns which means trouble for my wallet and my waistline.  With shopping opportunities bombarding you from every angle sometimes it's best to plan ahead with snacks.  Basically, don't forget to eat!  Avoid empty calories from junk food, as well as too much sugar which will make you hungrier later, and opt for some long-lasting snacks like nuts or trail mix instead.

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