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Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011

Tomorrow, December 10th, will be the best time of the year to be moon-gazing by car rental.  Let your car hire plans take you off the beaten path, to location with the least amount of light pollution so that you can view the most beautiful moon we can see until possibly 2014!

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NASA scientists have given the heads up that tomorrow with be the second lunar eclipse of 2011, and it's appearance has the potential to be spectacular.  It should be a bloody, reddish-brown color, and full.  Check your local weather to make sure it will be visible where you are.  If not, this weekend will be the perfect time to take a trip to the country by cheap car rental from  We have great ideas on several places to plan your weekend get away in our Travel Guide section.

In some parts of the world the early morning moon will appear red and eclipsed in the sky along with the sun.  This rare celestial event is called a "selenelion".  The majority of the Western Hemisphere should be able to see this early tomorrow morning in the hours just before dawn.  Those in the Eastern Hemisphere can watch the eclipse Saturday night, beginning at moonrise.  To sum up, those in the United States will have the chance to see the eclipse at moonset Saturday Morning; Europeans, and North Africans can catch it just at moonrise on Saturday evening, and Australians will have a great view of the whole show.

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