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Last Minute London Olympic Deals


Spontaneous summer travelers, procrastinators, and those risky few who were holding out for good deals on their trip to this year's summer Olympics in London are all in luck!  As it happens, tickets to the games, as well as airline tickets, hotels and car rental deals are still available and deeply discounted in hopes for last minute sales.

London 2012 Olympic car hire

With the 2012 Olympic games just around the corner and such a massive world wide media coverage it would be easy to assume that everything is set, ready, and spoken for.  All the reservations are booked, and everyone attending the games (who have all had their car rental reservations since last July) are seated in the stands with their hands folded in their laps and patiently waiting.  Ok, maybe not that extreme... most people probably didn't get around to booking until October or even December.

Seriously though, most people probably aren't aware that the opportunity is still there, much less that this might be the absolute best time to plan your trip to the summer Olympics in London.  Thomas Cook Airlines is slashing prices of their short break to the Olympic games by up to 50%!  The airline has admitted that they now have more tickets remaining than they anticipated, which always means great savings for travelers.  

Pick up your cheap London car rental from London Heathrow International Airport, a London Gatwick car hire, or choose from over a hundred car rental pick up locations in the United Kingdom and take time to enjoy your stay by touring the sites before you make your way to the Olympic games in London.

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