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Many nature lovers prefer travel by car rental as it gives them the most freedom and closest experience to the natural wonders of their destination.  Among the world's most popular natural wonders for tourists, volcanos are a hot commodity.  From South America and the Ring of Fire to Iceland and the Arctic Circle, volcanoes and their natural features and surroundings attract thousands of tourists every year.  Rent a car hire in your next destination for an eruptive experience.

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica 2009

Perhaps it's the folklore, tales of alien portals where UFOs enter and exit the earth, or simply a fantasy shared by millions who witnessed an erupting volcano model at their childhood science fair.  Whatever the inspiration, lava lovers are drawn to these sites, however active, for the destruction and power (as well as the famously fertile soil and thermal spas) that these earthly phenomena can produce. 

The most recent headlines have the hardcore volcano tourists scrambling to visit Iceland, where a long-dormant volcano shocked the world by spewing fireworks and great plumes of ash last April.  As the ash and excitement has settled and Iceland advises tourists that it is completely safe the eruptions of Eyjafjallajokull loose their spark, but the country's best volcanic tourist attraction by car rental has only picked up steam.  Of it's 130 volcanos, the most famous is Snœfellsjökull, mentioned by Jules Verne in the 1864 novel Journey to the Center of the Earth.  You can rent a car hire from Keflavík International Airport to tour Iceland's Volcano's.

Of the top volcano tour destinations by car rental in the Americas Costa Rica generally tops the list.  For such a tiny country it boasts a good collection of volcanoes and volcanic craters which are all very tourist friendly.  Arenal, the Costa Rican volcano that is generally the highest touted, may not be the country's best volcanic tourist attraction, however.  Check out the beautiful, steaming craters at Poas Volcano in Costa Rica, along with their mystic, foggy lagoons and beautiful forest hiking trails on your next tour of Costa Rica by car rental.

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