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Hobbies that Travel

Looking for a way to stay entertained during your next road trip by car hire?  Would you like to see the kids engaged in something other than video games in the back seat during your next holiday?  The following hobbies are an excellent way to make use of the hours you will spend in your next car hire.  Each one is engaging, requires patience and skill, and results in a creative product you or your fellow passengers can be proud of.  Vacations are the best time to pick up new hobbies because you have the time it takes to focus your attention.


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Not just for old ladies, knitting is a fun and productive skill.  Even guys can knit.  There are endless resources to get you started, groups to join, free patterns on the internet, and of course, worlds of wonderful yarn to choose from.  In fact, shopping for yarns is a great activity during your road trip, because the best, small batch, natural fibers are often created and sold locally.  A great way to get started is with a knitting networking site like  It's kind of like Facebook for knitters.


I know the holidays are no time for homework, but for some people creative writing is no chore.  For others who haven't discovered the joy of expressing themselves with the written word yet, creative writing assignments on vacation can build confidence and cultivate the inner voice in a way that the pressure of a classroom doesn't allow.  Others still, will engage in anything competitive, so why not push their creativity a little with that competitive drive and challenge them to some creative writing during your next road trip by car hire. hosts an open writing contest each week.


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A stack of simple paper can become toys, gifts, animals, and endless other cool things once you learn a bit about the art of Origami.  For older children and adults, Origami gives you the opportunity to add a special touch to cards, wrapped gifts, and more, and your friends and relatives will appreciate the personal touch and extra time you spent versus something bought from the store.  For younger children Learning some simple origami is a great way to master fine motor skills like folding straight lines, or measuring distances with your eyes.  Check out the Origami Club for tons of great diagrams and even animated instructions on how to fold.

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