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Driver's Seat Comfort in Car Rentals


Achieving maximum driving comfort on your next road trip is entirely possible if you know how to choose your car rental.  According to, driver's seat comfort is a science, and apparently not one that has advanced much over the past 20 years.  In fact, many people believe modern driver's seats have become less and less comfortable over time.  Are there any new car rentals with seats designed for comfort and support?

The Female Form

Unfortunately for women drivers around the world, the majority of driver's seats were designed with men in mind.  What does this mean for the female form?  Women often have to deal with car rental seats that are too large, lack adequate knee support, put strain on the hips, and a lower lumbar support that hits them just below the bra.  The only way to know for sure if a driver's seat suits you is to take a test drive, but maybe you can start with these 5 picks for most comfortable sedans from the Car Chick.

Properly adjusted

Another major issue to consider for your own personal comfort driving a car rental is your driving position.  Having everything lined up properly can make a huge difference in your overall comfort in both long and short drives.  Although a little long, this wikiHow article about how to adjust seating to the proper position while driving offers some excellent suggestions definitely worth skimming through.  There is a reason behind all of the angles that go into a proper driving position, each supporting safety, circulation, and good posture.

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