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Couch Surfing

The newest craze in accommodations for savvy travelers by car rental is Couch Surfing.  No, this isn't where you take an upholstered house-bench into the waves; it's a way of networking that connects travelers to willing hosts in destinations around the world.  Save the most money on your next Couch Surfing adventure and book a car rental from

couch surfer

In the world of Couch Surfing the contact can go both ways; a host can invite a traveler to their home or a traveler can contact a host in their desired location and request to stay at their home.  Most countries around the world, from Costa Rica to Belgium have active Couch Surfing communities.  These groups host events where people from around the world can meet and learn more about each other and the location. and its community of travelers and hosts are open to adults of all ages, singles, couples, and even families.  Like the name implies, there will be some hosts who only have a couch to offer their guests, but many will have a designated space for guests like a guest room or even a separate guest house.  Everyone I have met who has tried Couch Surfing, both as surfers and hosts, has commented on what a wonderful experience they had and the great friends they met.  

Experience your next car rental destination just like a local would, along side a local!  Learn about a foreign city through the eyes of one of it's residents.  If the typical tourist experience isn't for you and you would like to make a deeper connection to people of another culture consider Couch Surfing on your upcoming Spring Break.

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