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Computer Problems on the Road

The moment every techno-dependent traveler dreads: you're out of town in a car hire and your computer/pad/smartphone/critical device suddenly stops working.  Where do you go?  Who can you trust with your precious livelihood?  Suddenly the thing you would use to locate the nearest dealer or reputable repair shop is out of commission and you feel a little lost, as if a time never existed when we had to use phone books.

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This was my day today.  In the three wonderful years I have been with my mac she has never given me any problems.  Then suddenly today I couldn't type in my password to unlock my screen - my keypad was not functioning!  Here, in Costa Rica, I had to find assistance and fast!  Thankfully, I remembered seeing a store with Apple products at the mall.

While it helps to be prepared, your manufacturer's website might not list the country you're renting a car hire in.  For example, Apple doesn't list Costa Rica in their list of International Stores.  However, there are authorized Apple dealers here and their stores are called iCon.  The same mall that I went to today also had an authorized Dell service center, among other top computer names.  My advice is to head to the nearest shopping mall in your car rental.  If there isn't a technician available to fix your broken toys there is sure to be computer store employee who knows where you can find one.

Now that modern devices have made all your daily to-do's extremely portable it would clearly be a waste not to harness that potential and work while on the road.  Just make sure that you know your way to the nearest customer support center by car rental.

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