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Cautions for Summer Car Renters in Europe


This summer's sporting events have seen a great influx of car rental drivers across Europe.  Sports fans traveling to sparkling new stadiums or local pubs for the current Euro 2012 Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine, and the upcoming events for the Summer Olympics have a long list of surprises and obstacles when on the roads, both foreign and domestic.

London Olypmics

In Ukraine, for example, there is the obvious fact of all the road signs written in the Cyrillic alphabet, but many foreign car hire drivers are often unprepared and shocked by the condition and winding, hairpin turns throughout Ukrainian roads.  Even when prepared by travel time estimates which sound greatly exaggerated for the given distance, the speed required to keep a rental car intact through potholes and cobblestone roads can throw you for a loop.  Though your travels by car rental in Ukraine are sure to be easier than this humorous trip by a Euro 2012 Journalist in Ukraine.

Then there is also the obstacle of the law.  It shouldn't be so difficult to abide by the laws of whatever location you happen to be picking up your car rental for sport fun this Summer, but to abide by the laws of the road you first have to be familiar with them.  In addition to small variations from country to country, car rental travelers face official checkpoints, stadium security, and local police.  The best way to be prepared for any official questioning is to have all your necessary paperwork secure and handy in your car rental.  Be familiar with your car rental agreement, especially the insurance coverage section.

Also related to driving by car rental and the law, drunk driving has been big news across Europe, with many local jurisdictions upping their regulations for drivers under the influence of alcohol.  From Staffordshire to Hertfordshire, the UK is just as concerned with inebriated football fans as Poland and Ukraine.  Don't take any risks and call a taxi when necessary. 

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