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Capturing Car Hire Moments

How do you choose the perfect camera for your next road trip?  The digital revolution has completely changed photography, enabling anybody with enough cash for a decent camera and the right landscape to take truly magnificent photos.  That is, if they want to.  It all really depends on where you're going by car hire and what you'll be doing.  Is it a family vacation, packed with plenty of opportunities for portraits or action shots, or will you be touring the countryside?  Maybe you need a camera that will be good for both?  In any case, there is a camera out there for your next car hire adventure.

Like a Pro

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Digital SLRs are finally affordable for the average folk.  Check out the Canon EOS 1000 D for just £329.99.  When they first came out around ten years ago you would have to be crazy (or rich) to buy one if you weren't a professional photographer.  Now there are plenty which are affordable enough, but the catch is: do you have the time and energy to invest into mastering it before you pick up your car rental and kick off your vacation?  

The Jack of All Trades

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Stepping down from the Digital SLRs can be a big step in both price and photo quality.  Although many of the new model "point and shoot" digital cameras are quite fancy and have higher mega pixels and greater zoom than some of the SLRs, their ability to fineness light and color around your subject like a work of art might not be on par.  Some however, present the perfect blend of intuitive interface and technical capability that allows nearly any vacation to be captured in its full beauty.  Check out the Pentax Optio W90, a decent, mid-level point and shoot, but it is waterproof and shock proof for your making family fun in the car rental a breeze.


There are also plenty of great cameras that take crisp photos, have great technical options, and are intuitive enough for your grandma to use.  The Fuji Finepix JV200 will only run you about £65, and it features High Definition video capability as well as software that makes it easy to upload your masterpieces to your favorite social networks.  What could be more important after your vacation?

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