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The Artistic O'Hare Airport

Next time you pass through the Chicago O'Hare Airport take the time to walk around and see some of the airport's beautiful artwork and artistically designed walkways.  On my recent visit to Connecticut my return flight to Louisville, Kentucky was routed through Chicago and I had the pleasure of an hour layover in O'Hare Airport to walk through and snap a few photos.  You can make plans for your next stay in Chicago with a car rental from Chicago Ohare Airport.

Light Show on the Walkway

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I was first inspired to whip out my camera in O'Hare Airport as I was riding along on the moving walkway between concourses.  My arriving flight from Hartford Bradley Airport was in Concourse C and my connection to Louisville was all the way over in F.  At first I thought this was a little inconvenient, then I was treated to the space-aged moving walkway, complete with minimalist music and a relaxing light show.  It accomplished a pleasant ambiance with a curious underwater feel that I quite enjoyed, and was a great intro to what was to come along the rest of my journey across the airport.

A Museum Dinosaur

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I forgot to get the name of this prehistoric giant, but he did make an impression on me.  Something you don't expect to find while passing through an airport, this great skeleton is yet more evidence that O'Hare is a worthwhile place to spend your layover if you have a choice, or at least take a look around before you pick up your Chicago car rental.

Glassworks and Other Art

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Passing through the Corridor on the way to concourses E and F I came upon some of the most interesting art.  Hanging glassworks that caught the afternoon light perfectly, beautiful paintings hung over the windows where the light can pass through them and painted benches set in an aesthetically pleasing steel archway with a checkered floor.  Your first cultural stop in Chicago might just be before you pick up your car rental.


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