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Convertible car hires

Rag-top, roadster, cabriolet, convertible, these are the types of cars that make your warm-weather plans complete.  Whether you're cruising along side the ocean, taking in sun as you cross the desert, or out to be seen in the city, a convertible puts an entirely different spin on your car rental experience.  Many budget travelers mistakenly think they can't afford to hire a convertible, but thanks to the awesome car rental rates available from our search engine on, cabriolet car rentals are more affordable than ever.  

From Audi to Smart Fortwo, convertible car hires come in a wide range of styles and prices.  Most only offer seating for two, but some, such as the Audi A5 convertible car rental have seating for up to 4 people.  From Orlando to Alicante, convertible car rentals can be booked for the best prices through our award winning search engine on BMW 3 Series Convertible car hire A sharp appearance, careful refinement, and classic BMW drivability come together to make this one of the most desirable car rentals.  The BMW 3 series is a two-door, hard top convertible that can protect you from the elements when needed.  Though its a joy to drive, it might not be the best car rental choice if you have a lot of luggage because of its small boot. Smart Fortwo Cabrio car rental A fun little convertible for the city, the Smart Fortwo is a cheap car hire that gets great gas mileage, has a decent pick-up, and fits into the shortest of parallel spots.   Renault Wind Convertible car hire The super popular Renault Wind 2-seater sports couple convertible is extra fun and can reach up to 125 miles per hour (though thats not a good idea in a car rental).  A big bonus of the Renault Wind is its electronically controlled roof, which is great for those Mediterranean and Tropical vacation spots where the weather can change suddenly. Puteot 207CC With a larger boot and better cruising abilities at highway speeds, the Pugeot 207CC Convertible car rental is the answer to a longer trip with a bit more luggage, through stretches of countryside.  

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