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Yoga in Thailand

In Thailand Yoga is a traditional part of the daily life and culture.  For the traveler interested in yoga destinations Thailand means ornate architecture, pristine beach scenery, gourmet food at bargain prices (especially for vegetarians), and friendly, welcoming Thai people.  Set out for Thailand as your next yoga destination by reserving a cheap car hire from Bangkok Airport.

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The most extensive range of yoga practices and experience levels can be found through the wide variety of studios here.  From large, accredited Yoga Fitness Centers to small yoga schools that have passed down their art for generations, there is something to appeal to everyone.  Many of the newer yoga retreat centers combine pilates, internal cleansing, and more with their yoga to create diverse fitness workshops and help you get in shape on your vacation.  However, if its just classic yoga you're looking for there is plenty of that too.

On the traditional side is Ashtanga Yoga Bangkok.  As the first dedicated Ashtanga Yoga center in the country, their traditional methods emphasize breath linking movement, or Vinyasa in Sanskrit, to create a flowing sequence that when done regularly can have profound benefits for health and wellness.  Their instructor, Sasha, studied at the Ashtanga Yoga Research institute in Mysore, India, and is the first Thai to be granted authorization from the institute to teach Ashtanga Yoga.  Plan your classes at Ashtanga Yoga Bangkok with a Bangkok airport car rental.

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Relax, get in shape, or reach your body's full potential on a yoga vacation in Bangkok.  With so many studios and different practice styles to choose from the best way to plan a your visit to Thailand is to reserve a car hire from Bangkok airport so that you have the freedom to visit a few different places. 

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