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Florence, Italy

Florence car hire

Explore the time-honored wines of Tuscany in Florence, Italy.  The ancient culture surrounding grape growing in this region gave rise to the fantastic castles and villas that characterize the landscape.  Here in lie some of the "world's temples of wine;" basement cellars with long, vaulted galleries carved right out of the rock.  You can tour the wine cellars of Tuscany with a car hire from Florence airport.

 Florence car hire

Until recent years many of the villas and castles surrounding Florence were closed to the public, but the value of a direct connection to consumers has been seen and the immediate feedback appreciated by the owners of these estates, paving the way for future wine tourists.

The scenery of Tuscany is set by gently sloping hills dripping with grape vines and olive trees.  Driving through Tuscany in a Florence car rental on a wine tour is perhaps the best way to experience the rich history, culture, art, and gastronomy that the land has to offer.

Florentine wines are famous all around the world, and one of the most famous wine production areas is Chianti.  Acclaimed for its classic wines and natural beauty, Chanti is known for its Romanesque churches, medieval farmhouses, Renaissance villas and castles.  There are several estates worth visiting in this area, along with fantastic restaurants and places of historical interest.

The city of Florence is full of opportunities to treat your palate to a tasty wine.  Look for "vinaianos" during your stay.  These small stands are out on nearly every street corner and they serve a glass of wine along with a small "aperitivo".

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