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Car Rental from San Antonio

****************Hire a cheap rental car in San Antonio, Ibiza

The second largest town on the island of Ibiza, San Antonio was originally called Portus Magnus by the Romans. It was originally a fishing village and the older part of the town extends from the 16th century church down to the port area, known today as the west end. Today it can be hard to find many fishermen, but you will find plenty palm trees and picturesque beaches.

Ibiza car hire

San Antonio is one of the few beaches where palm trees have successfully been grown. It has become a popular place for beach island weddings due to its romantic and tropical feel. San Antonio beach is at the end of the Marina, making it easily accessed by boat or car hire Ibiza.

San Antonio earned a reputation several decades ago as being more permissive, and therefore attracted tourists from mainland Europe to its beaches, bars, and restaurants at a time when the rest of the island encouraged people to cover all exposed flesh and discouraged dancing. San Antonio quickly became the San Tropez of the Balearics.

Ibiza car hire

In recent years it has become popular with young people enjoying their first holidays without their parents during the main clubbing season of July and August. For the two months before and after these beaches are dominated by families out enjoying the incredible range of entertainment options available here. Reserve your cheap Ibiza car rental online and save for family activities or a night at the club during your visit to the beaches of Ibiza.

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