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Costa Rica Food Guide

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Typical Costa Rican dishes are simple and wholesome. Though they may lack the spiciness often associated with Latin America, they pack a flavorful punch of local veggies paired with fresh fruit "frescos" and plenty of beans and rice. Make your way to the best flavors of the country in a Costa Rica rental car.


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The Costa Rican term for married, this is also the name for a lunch combination in Costa Rica. The most common is rice with beans and a meat, such as chicken or fish, and a small salad and few slices of fried sliced plantain. They say this is "the perfect marriage of foods".

Gallo Pinto

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Across the country you will find this delicious hot dish offered for breakfast. This is a mixture of rice and beans cooked with cilantro, onion, and often regional additions such as ginger and sweet pepper. If you stay at a resort hotel they might serve more traditional "American" food for breakfast, but don't fret; you can pick up some Gallo Pinto at any "soda" you see along your way.

Fresh tropical fruits are abundantly available in Costa Rica. Try to visit a feria during your stay, where the local farmers bring their crops and goods. There is at least one feria per week in every town. Some of the common fruits in Costa Rica that are definitely worth trying during your stay are the guanabana, papaya, and mamon-chinos.

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There are about 8 different national beers available in bottles and cans, with the two most popular and most common being Pilsen and Imperial. Costa Rica's national drink is guaro, which is made from fermented sugar cane. It is similar to vodka, and is usually taken with water and lemon. Get around to the best watering holes in Costa Rica by car hire.

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