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Additional Driver Car Rental Policy

Whenever you're traveling with another adult who may also share the responsibility of driving your car rental it is very important to add them to the rental policy.  While it's nice to share the responsibility, this isn't the only reason all potential drivers of the vehicle should be added to your car rental agreement.  In the chance of an accident it is very important that the person behind the wheel be listed in your rental agreement, or it is possible for your agreement and insurance to be void.

Adding an Additional Driver 

Adding additional drivers to your car rental agreement is easy.  During the reservation process through our CarTrawler search engine, after you select your vehicle, you will see a section where you can add optional extras to your car hire.  "Additional Driver" will be listed among these extras.  For more information about this and other optional extras see our travel guide Car HIre Policy for Optional Extras.

Charges for Additional Drivers

Each additional driver you add to your car hire agreement will be charged for per day, for an average maximum of 10 days.  This means you will not pay more to have two drivers for 4 weeks than you would for just 2 weeks.  You can think of this charge as a necessary extension of your insurance coverage.

How to Pay for an Additional Driver

Although you may select for an additional driver to be added to your car rental agreement online, CarTrawler will not actually charge you or calculate that charge into your rental total.  Like all other optional extras, you will need to pay for any additional drivers at car rental counter at the time of pick up, in the local currency.

It is important to not that any additional drivers will need to meet the same criteria and requirements as the primary driver on the rental agreement.

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