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Bordeaux Food Guide

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While enjoying in the wine country, first and foremost, you must make the most of wine! Make it a must to tour the vineyards and sample the local wines during your stay in Bordeaux. Remember this is the world’s second largest wine-growing region producing over 700 million bottles every year.

A cheap car rental in Bordeaux will give you the freedom to tour along the various Chateaux in the region, such as Ausone, Margaux, Cheval Blanc and Petrus.

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Everyone who has been to Bordeaux would agree that good cuisine has a very important place here, a variety of restaurants will be glad to example that for you. Providing dishes from nearly every part of the country, French restaurants, will appease everyone’s tastes. Find as well good options for African, Asian, and Arabian delicacies.

Many distinctive flavors combine together in Bordeaux. Ask for the eel fricassee, accompanied with the intermingled tastes of lightly browned garlic and parsley, or perhaps try the shad fished from the river between April and June, commonly grilled over vine twigs. Delicious purple and green asparagus, gently set up with cep mushrooms, and lovely cooked with chopped garlic and parsley are other excellent ideas in Bordeaux. A gastronomy tour is easier when you have a cheap Bordeaux car rental.

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Expertly prepared meats have made Bordeaux popular around the world. Just to mention a few, there’s tricandilles, pork tripe seasoned with garlic and a dash of finely ground pepper, royans, fresh-caught sardines, which can be eaten raw or maybe cooked over a wood fire, and let’s not forget the famous beef dish brazas beef entrecote, well known for being served in the "Beouf Gras" fair.

Take a Bordeaux Gastronomy, sign up for a wine tour, and be able to do all of this in a rental car in Bordeaux, the best way to explore all the tastes Bordeaux has to offer.

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