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Hotels in Bilbao

Drive a cheap Bilbao rental car to your hotel

Choose among an array of options for accommodations when looking for a Bilbao Hotel. Ranging from a luxury 4 star hotel or a backpacker's hostel, saving some cash on car rental in Bilbao is a plus and you can do it online today. Bilbao car hire is available for you to have it just after arrival at the Bilbao Airport, or have it meet you at the hotel of your preference.

Barceló Hotel Nervion

Bilbao car hire

One of the most excellent views of nature offered by the city is available when you have a room in this hotel. Come to this adorable three-star top feature. Spacious rooms overlooking the river are perfectly conditioned for a lovely stay. A bar, and the Ibaizabal Restaurant will finish the whole package offering the finest Basque Cuisine.

Hesperia Bilbao

Bilbao car hire

Recently opened in 2005, the Hesperia is a new hotel situated just opposite to the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, which happens to be the most famous attraction downtown. We’re talking about a four-star hotel enjoying the most optimal location if you’re aiming to visit the Guggenheim. Fully equipped rooms make it for a comfortable stay, plus the hotel features a charming cafeteria.


Bilbao car hire

In the search to save some cash in accommodations, the Artexe is a picturesque two-star Basque farmhouse beautifully turned into an appealing rural hotel. Breathtaking panoramic views over the city surprise its guests all year round.


Bilbao car hire

If your group includes small children, the Sirimiri is our top recommendation. This is a two-star hotel as well, offering its guests flat-screen TV's, free internet, and free parking for your Bilbao car hire. Located just a 5-minute tram ride from the Guggenheim, in the Bilbao Old Quarter.

Make sure to book your cheap car hire in Bilbao to be for you at any hotel of your preference and tour the museums and sites of the north side of Spain with freedom of schedules.

For assistance booking your Bilbao rental car, visit our section How to book a rental car in Bilbao Airport.

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