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Mallorca Travel Guide

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Plan your Mediterranean vacation in Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. It is known as an easy escape off the coast of Spain for sunny beaches, amazing landscapes, wonderful mountains and affordable Mediterranean food. Mallorca features beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. Reserve a car hire in Mallorca and enjoy exploring this beautiful island.

Serra Tramuntana

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Explore the rough side of Mallorca in a car hire and enjoy a drive through this wonderful range of mountains that run along the north-west coast of Mallorca. This is the perfect landscape for your most memorable vacation photo opportunities.

Arab Baths

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Down the quiet Ca'n Serra street near the Convent of the Cathedral lies one of the few remnants of Palma's Moorish past. The Banys Árabs is a small brick building that once housed the Arab bath. It's actually of Byzantine origins, dating from 11th century. It features a cupola with five oculi which let in dazzling natural light.

Along with the bath house are the gardens of Ca'n Fontirroig, a home to sardinian warblers, house sparrows, cacti, palm trees, and a wide range of flowers and ferns. The floor of the bath house has been worn away where the many visitors have stood in the center, to photograph the entrance and the beautiful garden beyond it.

Palma de Mallorca

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The island's capital is a fantastic place to explore and a must-see for any visit. This very old Spanish city features fantastic architectural wonders, abundant local culture and some of the best Mediterranean food.

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