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Car Rental from Mojacar Beach

Hire a cheap Almeria rental car in **Mojacar Beach


Mojacar Beach has been a favorite in Spain for 4000 years! Lounging here next to these waters on your vacation you can share an experience with the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks, and Moors who came with their civilizations over time to this lovely coastal town. Save on your day at the beach and get there by cheap car rental Almeria, Spain.

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The town of Mojacar is reachable within an hour by car hire Almeria ****from the city. It sits on a rocky hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Mojacar Pueblo (the town), and Mojacar Playa (the beach) are roughly a 2 km apart, and both are worth seeing.

In the mid 19th century the region began to suffer from droughts and many residents began to leave, causing a great depopulation of Mojacar. Technically this area constitutes Europe's only desert, and many of its inhabitants searched for respite in distant places like the Americas. Local legend has it that the famous cartoonist Walt Disney was actually born in Mojacar and immigrated to the US as a child.

Almeria car hire

In recent years Mojacar become a popular tourist destination for its beaches which has been very beneficial for the local economy. Many tourists find the area impossible to leave, and Mojacar has one of the highest expatriate populations in all of Spain.

The town boasts many notable sites, such as La Fuente Mora, a Moorish fountain located in the pueblo. A history of the village is written on the fountain's walls, and locals come here to fill containers of the fresh, spring water, just as they have done for centuries. Drive up to the Plaza Nueva in your Almeria car hire for the best view in Mojacar. View the Mediterranean Sea behind Mojacar beach and the craggy hills dotted with farms and homes.

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