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Shopping in Alicante

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The city of Alicante offers the full spectrum shopping experience. Visit the local specialty shops offering local handmade crafts or some of the many markets scattered around the city. You can even pick up designer wears for your big night out. Alicante will seem to have every kind of shop you can imagine, there is even a shop completely dedicated to carnivals!

To see how the locals shop check out the city's main market, the Mercado Central de Alicante, for a more cultural shopping experience. Take your Alicante rental car down the Rambla de Mendez Nunez then turn west on the Avenue de Alfonzo El Sabio. The market stays open late into the afternoon on most days.

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Split into two levels, here you can find all the fresh meat, seafood, cheeses, fruit and vegetables you can imagine. Exit the market through the back and check out the flower sellers, situated there in a small outdoor square.

For those in your group just looking for inexpensive souvenirs take your Alicante rental car over to the Explanada d'Espanya. Here you will find market stalls all along the way which sell beads, clothing, flags, and other hot tourist items.

Shopping in Alicante can make a fun filled day or, like many places in Spain, it can be a leisurely activity which runs well into the evening. Take time to enjoy the many cafes and bars along the way. Reserve a car hire in Alicante for the freedom to get around town on your fun filled day exploring the shops and markets.

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