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Hire a car rental in Guatemala for an unforgettable tour of Central America.  Guatemala features a long Pacific coastline as well as a small stretch of coast on the Caribbean.  It borders Mexico in the north, Belize in the northeast, and Honduras and El Salvador in the south.  This region of the world features a rich and distinctive culture created by the blend of ancient Mayan peoples and influences from Spain.  Add to that the breathtakingly beautiful natural setting and mild tropical climate and Guatemala makes for a perfect travel destination by car rental.

Pick up your car rental in Guatemala at the La Aurora International Airport near Guatemala City.  The country's main airport and the primary international gateway into the country, the majority of flights into La Aurora Airport come from Central and North American countries.  It is also possible to drive into Guatemala by car rental from the neighboring countries of Mexico, Honduras, or El Salvador via the Pan-American Highway.  A common way to get into Guatemala is to fly into Cancucun, Mexico and drive through Belize into Guatemala by car rental.  There are low-cost connections from Mexico City Airport to Guatemala.

A car rental in Guatemala is essential for touring the numerous natural and ancient sites throughout the country.  Guatemala is scattered with Mayan ruins, and is home to the famous Tikal site, long considered the largest Mayan ruins in existance, as well as El Mirador; a site still being uncovered which may be even larger than Tikal and some experts speculate that El Mirador could be the cradle of Mayan civilization.  While the Mayan sites are amazing attractions, you shouldn't miss a trip to see the impressive volcanoes of Guatemala, some of which reach over 3,000 meters high!  Save the most on your Guatemala car rental by booking through

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