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Something both exotic and familiar lies within the Caucasus Mountains where we call the land Armenia.  This culture dating back more than 3,000 years was the first to officially declare itself a Christian nation, and offers travelers by car rental in Armenia a wealth of monasteries placed in the most beautiful of natural locations in the country.  Book a car rental in Armenia to tour the Caucasus region of Europe.


Driving through Armenia in a car hire is easy to do for an English speaker thanks to the number of road signs in English, which is just one of the reasons Armenia is the most accessible country of the Caucasus.  The only hinderance in driving throughout the region might be the land border closures between Armenia and Azerbaijan and Armenia and Turkey due to the Karabakh Conflict.  However, the landlocked Armenia also shares borders with Georgia and Iran which remain open and friendly.

Begin your tour of Armenia with a car hire from Zvartnots International Airport.  Also known as Yerevan Airport, offers frequent connections to the countries of the CIS including Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, as well as direct connections to most major cities across Europe.   

Above anything else, a tour through Armenia by car rental should be flavorful.  Famous dishes such as Borscht, Khash, Dolma, as well as the delicious notes of Armenian apricots, peaches, grapes and other fruits make the country a foodie's dream.  The Armenian culture is also rich in cultured foods and you will find many delicious milk products and dishes containing them.  Try the Matsun, Okroshka, and Spas in Armenia for a boost of beneficial flora.  Other treats include Armenian fruit-flavored vodkas, pomegranate wine, mineral water, herbal teas, and Armenian coffee.

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