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Tasty New England Apple Fritters

While I'm sure most of you are familiar with the ever popular New England Clam Chowder, a New England style hot dog, or maybe even New England corn cake, I doubt you have had a New England Apple Fritter.  In my opinion these tasty treats are worth writing home about and ought to be added to the short list of foods this region of the United States is known for.  

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Made like a filled doughnut, these tasty pastries are rolled out with apples and cinnamon, fried, then covered with cinnamon powdered sugar.  Served with hot apple cider, this is the perfect treat for any tour of the autumn leaves in New England by car hire.  

In my most recent post I talk about my visit to Connecticut by car rental, and the wonderful time I had hiking in Hartford to enjoy the autumn leaves in their full color display.  It was during that trip when I first laid eyes on a road side apple fritter stand and from the very beginning it made my heart go "thump".  As you can see from the picture, it is not exactly inconspicuous.  It reminds me of a food vendor at the state fair, but this is by far not your average elephant ear or funnel cake.  Like a comfort food with class, the New England Apple Fritters are a road side attraction worth stopping the car rental for.

The Fritters we bought were sold in front of a cider mill which was designed to look like a classic red barn.  We didn't try any cider because they happened to be out of hot cider at the time, but they sold it by the jug inside the mill and I'm sure it would be the perfect refreshment, hot or cold, for your next family holiday get together.  When you're traveling by car rental even big, heavy souvenirs like a jug of cider are easy to bring home.  The fritters, on the other hand, are best eaten fresh.  

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