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Marijuana Tourism in the United States


After the recent presidential elections in the United States a few very important and controversial decisions were made that will change life in America for many citizens, and some decisions that will change the USA for tourists.  Although you're not likely to be affected by new legislature on gay marriage or healthcare during your next tour of the United States by car rental, you might like to know about changes in marijuana regulation in Colorado and Washington.

For our travelers by car hire who aren't in the least bit interested in getting high (or the various medicinal benefits of the drug), you may be wondering how changes in marijuana regulation could affect tourism.  I have one word for you: Amsterdam.  The notorious marijuana cafes put Amsterdam on the map for millions of tourists for the past 2 decades.  Tourism is already the No. 2 industry in Colorado, a state which boasts one of the world's greatest ski industries

Does skiing or snowboarding and smoking pot go hand in hand?  Voters seem to think so.  The marijuana measure had more support and passed with far greater margins in Colorado counties where big ski resorts dominate.  Though it has yet to be seen how resorts will handle the change for the upcoming winter ski season, you can go ahead and plan your winter ski vacation in Colorado right now with a car hire from Denver International Airport.

As for Washington, a lax attitude towards the laws that were formerly in place against marijuana had already made the state a marijuana tourism destination if only during the annual Hempfest on the shores of Puget Sound.  After the smoke clears, so to speak, reserve your car rental from Seattle Airport in Washington to experience the newly legal drug in the United States.

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