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Holiday Shopping by Car Hire


Holiday shopping by car hire can be a fun way to enjoy your stay in any destination.  The holiday season is often a time of giving, which translates to those who wish to give feeling the need to do a bit of shopping.  While I won't go into any sort of anti-consumerism bit here, I will say there are literally thousands of ways to craft, knit, sew, glue, tape, paint, and reuse things without having to spend a dime and have the most fabulous gift to give your loved one.  Check out this page of Best Craft Ideas on Pinterest and just try to escape without spending at least 30 minutes fantasizing about all the crafts you could make this season (I know I couldn't).

For those of us who may be less crafty, or for all those gifts we simply don't have the time to make why not try to buy something that was handmade by someone else?  One of my favorite places to do holiday shopping by car rental is at the local craft market or handmade shops wherever I visit.  A great way to find handcrafts made where you are traveling is to find the locally owned businesses, and shopping there, no matter what you buy, is a great way to support local communities.

This is made easier for travelers in the United States with a great local busniess alliance and movement called Local First, or Buy Local First.  Connecting shoppers and consumers all across the United States to the local businesses where they may be traveling by car rental, the idea is simply to try to find what you need from a local business first, before you hit up the Wal-Mart or other major retailer.  In Louisville, Kentucky the local business movement is called Keep Louisville Weird and it was very successful at bringing city-wide awareness to the weird and wonderful local businesses that make my city so unique.  Save the most on your cheap car rental for holiday shopping when you book through

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