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Burning Man Festival



In the end of this month groups of travelers from around the world (but mostly around the United States) will gather for one week in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to create a temporary community of art and expression.  The world famous Burning Man festival attracts tens of thousands of participants every year, many of which participate in the event with their own unique art instillations or performances.  You can book a cheap car rental for your summer festival through

Of all the most popular summer festivals in the United States, Burning Man is unique in its cultural experience, among many other things.  First, it is not so much an event that you attend, as an experience that you participate in.  Like a great camp out with 48,000 of your closes friends, another thing that makes Burning Man unique is the survival skills required.  The playa, or great ancient lake bed, is a rustic environment of alkaline dust that is harmful to your skin and is prone to dust storms.  Just a quick look at the Burning Man website will show you all the links for various "Survival Guides" to get prepared for the event.  

The art, the costumes, the laser light shows, and of course, the giant man-shaped burning structure all come in and go out of the Nevada desert, leaving no trace.  Although the last round of official ticket sales for Burning Man 2012 have closed, if you already know you will be renting a car hire in Nevada during the last week of August their website has instructions on how you can obtain last minute tickets.  Otherwise, take a look into BRC Year Round and check into your Regional Network

For the lowest rates on car rentals in the United States book online through  We offer the best deals on car hire during summer festivals like Burning Man.

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