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Avoid Fast Food by Car Hire

If you're planning a road trip by car rental in the United States you should be aware that the entire country is now owned by McDonald's.  Well, not exactly, but it sure does look like it when you see this Data Pointed Map of Distance To McDonald's.  Travelers by car rental should be aware, and avoid falling into the drive-thru trap.  Not only is fast food like McDonnald's terribly unhealthy for you and your family, but there is an ugly truth behind their products.  Here are a few suggestions to avoid the fast food trap and enjoy healthy eating in the United States by car rental.

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Eat Local

If you really want a burger and fries, plan ahead and stop the car rental at a locally owned diner like I did on my recent Foodie Tour by car hire.  You'll have a unique experience with more ambiance than at a fast food chain (or than eating in the car on the road), and food-for-food the local diner is probably healthier.

Plan Time to Stop

It can be tempting to get fast food to go or through the drive-thru and eat it in the car hire if you're pressed for time.  Plan ahead and schedule time into your drive to stop and have dinner.  You can avoid stopping for lunch by packing lots of healthy snacks and sandwiches for the road.

Plan Other Incentives for Kids

If the little ones in the back seat see the golden arches ahead (as they are sure to with so many McDonald's littering the United States landscape), remind them of the far better destinations you have planned.  Are you headed to a restaurant with much tastier food?  Perhaps a park with far better playground equipment than the McDonald's palyplace?  If you let them know before they get into the car hire that you won't be stopping for fast food along the way these conversations can be much easier while on the road.

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