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Last month I finally broke down and embraced modern technology: I upgraded from my trusty StupidPhone to a SmartPhone.  Turns out my trusty StupidPhone wasn't so trusty.  I guess it had one too many encounters with my toddler.  Anyway, a month in the game and I'm finally getting the hang of this do-hickey.  Now I'm ready to expand and download some apps, so what's applicable for travel by car hire?

Come to find out there are already more than 2,000 travel apps, making the hard part deciding between them!  Sometimes I think all this effort to save time ends up taking up way more time than scrolling through a phone book for what you need.  At any rate, I had a great time checking out the available apps (and got way off track) before I decided to read some very nice recommendations.



Nat Geo gives a great list of their Top 20 Travel Apps, several of which might be of interest to car rental travelers.  I know I'll be downloading the UrbanSpoon app, which is a fun way to see the hottest restaurants wherever you pick up your car rental around the world.  


I'm surprised that the Wi-Fi Finder app only came in #8 on National Geographic's list, as I would think this would be a must-have for any traveler.  Find out where all the Wi-Fi hotspots are in more than 135 countries around the world. 


There are several traffic apps out there but one that appeared quite handy for those driving a car hire in the United Kingdom was listed on iphoneappcafe's top 10 list, Traffic UK.  It looks quite handy with google maps and data on traffic in the area, but I would be really curious to hear from any of our car rental customers who might have tried it

What apps helped you on your last trip by car hire?  Let us know in the comments below!

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