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My London Favorites

London is a huge city with endless options for travelers.  I can't come close to pretending I have been everywhere and seen it all to tell you what the best things to do in London are, but of all the things I did during my week long visit with my family I've distilled it down here to my top three favorites.  We had a lot of freedom and kind of stopped wherever we pleased because we rented a 7 seater car hire in London for the full week we were there.  I think that can make a big difference in your experience, and you might find yourself at totally different places if you don't have to schedule each moment.   

  1. By far the highlight of my stay was dancing at 93 Feet East. They had a great dance floor and the music was a fun mix of songs I knew and stuff that was completely fresh. This is definitely place to check out if you plan to visit any bars and clubs in London by rental car.

  2. Nearly as awesome but in a totally different way was the Hackney Museum in London. It's not a grand as some of the largest museums of the city, but I spent all day soaking it up and there was plenty there for my 7 year old niece as well, making it a good stop for family fun in London. It was nice to have a car rental in London the day we were visiting museums because we had a lot of freedom without needing time our stays to transportation schedules.

  3. Dinner at the Capital Hotel. Although we didn't stay there we decided to reserve a dinner in their restaurant because we just love French food and a man we met when we arrived at Gatwick Airport highly recommended it. I can't say anything about their rooms, but if you get the chance you should definitely try their menu.

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