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Fuel Economy in the UK

As we watch the petrol prices climb higher and higher, and as more and more consumers become aware of the need to conserve this limited resource, fuel efficiency has become a top selling point for car rentals.  Often over luxury, speed, style, and space, what travelers these days really what to know about their next car rental vehicle is "how many miles can I get to the gallon?"  Here we talk about car rental in the United Kingdom.  See our previous blog about the best US fuel economy for more about the most fuel efficient cars in the United States.

The Cheap Dates

It won't take a lot to get where you want to go in the Citroen C1 or Citroen C2 car rentals.  They top the charts at over 65 MPG, and have held that spot for more than four years now!  Close seconds that are commonly found from car rental providers in the United Kingdom are the Renault Clio car hire, the Ford Fiesta car rental and the Peugeot 207 car rental.

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Work With What You Got

Save a bundle on any car rental by maximizing your fuel economy.  The first thing you can do is drive like you're on vacation.  No, not like you're in a rush to see all the sights, but like you've thrown the schedule out the window and you can take all the time you need to accelerate and come to a stop.  Drivers waste the most fuel doing these two things like they're late for work.  

It also maximizes your fuel economy to stick to the speed limit.  Not only will this save you from the pain of the law, but you can save around 15% more fuel as apposed to driving 10 mph over the limit.  Did you know that motorway speed limits were originally set to maximize fuel economy?  That's right, those speeds weren't just chosen at random, and their wisdom holds true to todays vehicles.

Check Any UK car rental MPG

You can find more information about the MPG of your next car rental on  They are an independent site that provides information and tips to help drivers and travelers improve their fuel economy

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