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Tomatina in Spain

Spain is a colorful country with an array of unique festivities throughout the year.  The flamenco festival in Jerez, the Semana Santa festivals, a festival for the most beautiful flower-covered patio in Cordoba, the Elx Mystery Play in Alicante, and the Fiesta del Arroz (rice party) in Valencia are but just a few of the fantastical celebrations you can attend during a holiday in Spain.  Reserve a cheap car rental in Spain to join in September's revelry.

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Last month the place to be was the town of Bunyol near Valencia, Spain for the world's largest tomato fight.  Called Spain's maddest festival, La Tomatina filled the streets with such a ridiculous amount of tomato slop it looked like a pink-tinted flood.  More than 40,000 tomato-lovers showed up to throw tomatoes at each other and essentially make a huge, wasteful mess of 120 tons of delicious, ripe tomatoes.  

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Like many fantastic legends and festivals in Spain, the humble roots of this outlandish event began 1945 with a food fight between friends.

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After an hour of tomato mayhem the entire town collaborates in a huge clean-up and hoses down the streets and walls.  Though it doesn't sound like the safest place to bring your car rental, we were assured there were safe, nearby parking available.

You can find out more about this and many other Spanish festivities held throughout the year from the Spanish Festivals Calendar.  Make plans today for your holiday trip to Spain and reserve a cheap car rental through our advanced booking engine.

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