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Caceres, a city within walls

Hire a car in Caceres, an amazing destination that will leave you speechless with the view of amazing palaces and churches. The history in Caceres remains alive and it's evident around every corner. 

The Star Arc or Arco de la Estrella, in Spanish, allows access within the walls to Caceres. This entrance, work of de Lara Churriguera, was built in the 18th century as replacement to the previous New Gate or Puerta Nueva, from the medieval era.

Once in the medieval quarter, you'll find everywhere palaces and ancestral homes distinguished by family coats of arms. Several palaces surround Saint Marie's Plaza. One of them is Carvajal, built between the 15th and 16th centuries, and restored afterwards in the 20th century. It houses inside a picturesque renaissance patio with a millenary fig tree in the middle.


Next to the house it has been preserved a circular tower erected by Arabs in the 12th century. To complete the plaza's frame there is the Mayoralgo Palace, the biggest in Caceres, with an internal patio with bricked arcs and the Episcopal Palace. But, without a question, one of the most beautiful examples of architecture in Caceres is the Golfines de Abajo Palace (15th century), with a remarkable renaissance facade from early 16th century, as well as the mixture of gothic and Mudejar elements. Catholic King and Queen got to stay in this noble building in one of their visits to the capital. Outside the city wall, a magnificent staircase leads to Plaza Mayor, which is framed by bountiful towers and the Balbos forums. Inside, there is the Godoy Palace with a beautiful balcony in the corner. Next to this noble house is Santiago's church.

Leaving the city of Caceres, there is the impressive mountain range and on its top the sanctuary Our Lady of the Mountain, from which you can get one of the best panoramic views of this monumental city and its surroundings. Caceres allows you to discover interesting routes. One of them La Plata, an ancient roman carriageway that linked Seville and Astorga, and which was later used by pilgrims to get to Santiago de Compostela. Following this road you can visit, besides Caceres, Plasencia, the second most important city in the province.

It hides behind its walls an important artistic patrimony. Also, north of the province there is the region of a La Vera, with Hervás, a village housing one of the most well preserved Jewish quarters in Spain, and Valverde de la Vera, declared an Artistic-Historical Ensemble. East of the capital you can visit Trujillo, birthplace of conquerors. A few kilometres from here you'll find Guadalupe. Drive north and east in Caceres in a cheap Caceres car hire vehicle. 

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