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A visit to Cadiz

Ancient Phoenician Gades and Roman Gadir lived their most splendorous times when, during the 17th century they owned monopoly of commerce overseas. This strength brought pirate attacks, which led the city to fortify itself building defensive bastions, watchtowers and castles on each rooftop. These are some of the city’s features, also to mention its railing balconies. Hire a car in Cadiz and drive around all its interesting sights.

Places to visit in a rental car

Your visit could start in Puerta Tierra, a gate to the walls and division line between modern and ancient Cadiz. To one side, wide avenues, beaches (La Victoria, Santa María and La Cortadura), sea clubs and modern sportive installations.

To the other side, a more history-flavoured Cadiz, the one in its ancient neighbourhoods: El Pópulo, an ancient medieval village; La Viña, a fishing neighbourhood, or the one in Santa María, a live temple to flamenco. Streets with a different personality that have maintained a unity in their hamlet and conform a beauty exceptional frame.


A number of live plazas line up along the tour. Next to the port, there is Plaza de España, and other interesting buildings to see. In plaza Mina you can visit the Archaeological Museum and the Fine Arts Museum of Cadiz, housing the most interesting Phoenician tokens, while in San Francisco’s plaza you can visit its church. Around Plaza de las Flores the most commercial streets in the city bloom, featuring the Central Market.

Cadiz has many important religious buildings that talk about the religious feeling of Andalucía’s. In Santa María there is the homonym church and Santo Domingo's Convent. Near La Viña, parish church Palma awaits you, while on the other end, next to Candelaria's bastion, Carmen's church erects.

In the very heart of Cadiz you can find the Local Historic Museum of Cadiz, and the Tavira Tower, one of the most emblematic in the city. And to get the best views on the Atlantic Ocean, nothing's better that touring the gardens in Alameda de la Apodaca, Genoese Park and Caleta beach. This beach is the only one in the old quarter and it's framed between the castles of Santa Catalina and San Sebastián. Their sands lead us to Palma and Real resorts. You can continue until the modern city's beaches passing by Campo del Sur and stopping in the Martyrs, Capuchins and San Roque's bastions.

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