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German Sausage


Some foods need to be experienced in their native land to completely enjoy their unique flavors.  Where I'm from, local areas take great pride in their pizza, and no; I'm not from Italy.  It always makes me giggle a bit when I see "Chicago style pizza" advertised in Kentucky and Florida.  Tonight the flavor in question is sausage, of course, not just any sausage; German Sausage.  Will I need to rent a car hire in Germany to really experience the unique flavors of what is their traditional meat-mash-up?

Nuremberg Sausage, Germany

Sixteen years as a vegetarian have left me with very little experience in the unique meats of the world.  In the past few months since I added meat into my diet I've been quite selective, seeking out the best sources and quality.  However, some times fair food just happens.  This afternoon I had my lunch out at a festival and the first food to catch my eye was a "German style sausage".  Obviously, as they were out of German bread to serve it on and instead served it on a tortilla, it wasn't quite the same as a traditional Germany food.  

I've always wanted to go to Germany by car rental, and now I have even more motivation and a few locations to add to my tour destination list based on their sausage profile.  Lower Saxony, for example, serves up an interesting sausage called Bregenwurst.  Made a list of tasty sounding meats which just happens to include cattle brain (I would definitely try it just for this fact), and is served with one of my all time favorite greens, kale.  I would also be quite interested to try some Leberkäse, or "liver cheese" in Bavaria, which doesn't actually contain any liver or cheese.  You can save the most on a car rental in Germany for your perfect sausage tasting tour by booking online through

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