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Foods for Thought: Scandinavian Fare


What do you do when your holiday travels by car rental are over and you're still craving the delicious Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Mexican or other regional delights you've been spoiled with during your travels?  I'm relatively new to cooking so imitating flavors and dishes when I get home is hit or miss, but I'm really loving all the amazing Scandinavian recipe videos on  

My thoughts were all around Scandinavia today after reading about all the innovative roadways that allow car hire travelers to traverse the Faroe Islands.  Aside from being attracted to their beautiful green scenery and peaceful hills spotted with sheep and seabirds, I can't help but wonder what delicious local foods I would come across there.  On I found lovely video recipes for everything from traditional Swedish Meatballs to British Spotted Dick Pudding, but nothing to satisfy my curiosity about Farose flavors.

As every good foodie traveler knows, I would need to begin my Scandinavian flavor search at the source, possibly with a car rental from Copenhagen International Airport.  Since my next travel plans have already been set for Mexico and the United States I doubt I will be able to make it all the way to Scandinavia any time soon, but I do have a few friends from Finland and Denmark so perhaps we can visit together one day, or at least have a pot luck!

I hope you enjoy trying a some of the recipes from, and maybe you can recreate your favorite flavors from abroad and bring back some great memories of your tour by car rental.  Get out and taste new dishes with a cheap car hire from

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