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Velikonoce (The Czech Easter)


Easter is one of the most joyful holidays in the Czech calendar.  Travelers to the Czech Republic by car rental this weekend will be treated to some of the quaintest and most romantic Easter traditions.  Thanks in part to it's great number of well preserved small villages and towns, along with its old and rich history that remembers some delightful Pagan traditions, the Czech Republic celebrates a Velikonoce like no other.

Czech Easter Eggs

The religious connotations of Easter are not as strong in the Czech Republic as in many places, and here it is more of a fun time of Spring traditions than a religious holiday.  All the familiar Easter symbols representative of Spring and new life are present such as decorated eggs and baby animals like bunnies and lambs.  The young, live twigs of the pussywillow are also an Easter staple in the Czech tradition, which are thought to bring youth and good health to anyone whipped by them!

Attractions to attend by car rental in the Czech Republic during Easter include the nationwide Easter egg contest held in Prague, as well as smaller contests held in other Czech cities.  Easter Monday is when all the whipping goes down, so find yourself a small town of colorful people and get ready for some giggles.  Called pomlázka, this action is not supposed to be punishing but done lightly, and girls actually reward the boys for it with painted eggs and a ribbon.  A new addition to the tradition has the older boys (or men) receiving shots of plum brandy instead of painted eggs from the ladies, making this a staggering holiday for men who have whipped youth into a great number of women!

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