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Indigenous Tribes in Sierpe de Osa, Costa Rica

In my recent blog post about In my recent blog post about I talked about all the fun I had with my friends with a car rental near Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula.  Today I will share with you what I believe is the most unique experience the area has to offer, a visit to the Boruca indigenous people of Costa Rica, or Bruca, as their native text spells it.  The best way to visit the Boruca is with a 4x4 car hire in Sierpe de Osa.

Panorama of the Road up to the Boruca, Sierpe de Osa

The road up to their village is winding and mountainous.  It is a rock and dirt road with several bad potholes.  Luckily we were in a great 4x4 car rental (you can just see it in the panoramic), but I imagine if we had been in a compact car the bumps would have been terrible and we might have lost traction.  The Boruca people have an incredible story of how they fended off the Spanish and protected their native heritage, and it is easy to see on the road up from Sierpe how their location may have given them an advantage.

dyeing cotton yarn

all natural hand dyed and hand woven bag

Incredibly artistic and crafty, the Boruca people use many materials from nature to create their wonderful crafts which they sell to support the community.  We were able to see they dyeing cotton all different colors with berries, turmeric, and clay to make these wonderful woven bags.  Other amazing crafts made and sold by the Boruca include all natural hand drums, complete with carvings and beautiful paint, traditional masks that take inspiration from all the animals, birds, and plants of their surroundings, and a several beautiful paintings.

the shop where they sell crafts

Plan your visit to Sierpe de Osa, the Osa Peninsula, and the Boruca village with a cheap 4x4 car rental from San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica.

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