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The Fiat 500, New and Old

I found a whole slew of sordid reviews of the new 2012 Fiat 500 before I stumbled upon this gem; a review of the Italian original by Top Gear, explaining the car's outstanding popularity and influential history.  It was fun to learn a bit about how and why the little 500 became one of the most popular small and economy car rentals across Europe.  

In reviews of the new Fiat 500 car hire the driver's complained about small things only an economy car connoisseur would know to point out, such as it's less than stellar MPG, but at high thirties on the highway we think it's not too bad.  Back when the original 500 hit the market in Italy there was no such thing as a small car connoisseur - it even predated the mini by 2 years!

For it's low car rental and driving costs the Fiat is an instant winner for individuals and even small families traveling through Europe.  When you don't have much luggage or passengers the Fiat 500 is quite fun.  It feels fast on the road, handles well, and looks sharp inside and out.

Lastly, I found this great review comparing the new and old Fiat 500s side by side.  If you ask me, too much was lost from the original design to reuse the name.  Though the styling of the new 500 is snappier than it's modern competitors, I would like to have seen a styling repeat of those original headlights, the practical and economical sunroof, and a return to those grandiose steering wheels.  

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