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Safest Car Rentals


Many travelers by car rental this season will be traveling with their families or loved ones.  With cargo this precious safety likely trumps any other feature in the car rental booking decision.  Although all vehicles available for hire on today's market have passed higher safety standards than ever before in history, there are certainly a few cars which stand out.  Here are our top picks for the safest car rentals on the road.


Ubiquitous, dependable, lovable; the Honda Accord is so common on the roads and from car rental providers for a good reason.  Several good reasons, actually, but the best of those reasons when families are concerned are its superb safety standards.  The Accord was the only non-luxury, non-German sedan to be ranked among the top 20 safest cars on the road by the IIHS.

7 Seater Minivan

The tip-top in safety when in comes to 7 seater car rentals is the Toyota Sienna, but the more widely available Honda Odessey minivan is a close second.  Although logic and practicality would point to the big family cars as the safest on the road, in reality it is a marvel of innovation and engineering that these huge boxes can fly at 80mph down the expressway.  Two 7 seaters seem to have gotten it right.

4x4 SUV

Most travelers who want to be a bit safer on their vacation look for a solid, sturdy 4x4 car rental, but not all SUVs are created equal.  We like the robust and rugged Jeep Grand Cherokee.  No, it's not as compact and economical as other popular 4x4 car rentals such as the Toyota Rav4, but its bulky frame is part of the safety system keeps occupants alive in dangerous collisions.  

For a more extensive list of the safest cars on the road check out this article on MSN based on the top 20 list by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  Stay safe and save money this Spring with a cheap car rental from

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