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Planning Your Staycation by Car Hire

Renting a car isn't just for travelers anymore.  You don't have to be on a business trip or family vacation to pay by the day to drive a vehicle you don't own.  Regular Joe Schmoes just like yourself hire rental cars all the time to live it up and get their kicks right in their own home towns.  Why?  Why on Earth not?  Today I bring you just a few ways renting a car can brighten your next _Stay_cation.

Convertibles and Drive-Ins

The classic date; dinner and a movie, with the added ambiance of being out under the stars.  Drive in movies and concession stand dinners are fun no matter what kind of car you bring, but imagine taking the night up to the next level and renting a convertible.  

7 Seater Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday (or bachelor/bachelorette party) with a car load of your friends and all the fun a city can take.  This is the perfect solution to spending half of your night on cell phones trying to sync up in a city of traffic and loud clubs.  This is also the ideal birthday afternoon for teens who aren't old enough to drive yet.  Offer to pick up their friends in a 7 seater rental car and take the gaggle of giggling girlies to a few of their favorite places around town and she'll call you the best mom/dad ever!

Estate Car Strategies

If you live in a big city or a town with excellent public transportation it's hard to justify owning a big car, and in many cases, any car at all.  Many people get by just fine riding the bus to and fro, and simply hire a cab when they have luggage or packages, etc.  However, cabs can get expensive, and if you can get several cab rides worth of errands done all in one day with an estate car hire, you can save some money.  

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