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Mom's Favorite Car Rentals


Moms travel.  Moms have businesses.  Moms do business on the road.  Moms also take vacations, rent a car while the family car is in the shop, and take out of town trips to visit family.  Moms rent cars. knows moms are an important part of our market and we also know they have important requirements from their car rentals to stand up to all the important tasks they tackle in a day.  Take a look at some of our top car rental picks for moms.

Ford Galaxy

Vastly popular and widely available, moms who have a lot to cart around rely on the Ford Galaxy 7 seater car hire.  Easy to drive and easy to load and unload, it is a no-brainer.  When your travel plans by car rental include a group of 5 or more a 7 seater car hire offers the space and flexibility busy moms require.

Chevrolet Aveo

Moms with just one or two kids to cart can save money and stay safe with an economical car rental like the Chevrolet Aveo.  Moms like saving money, and the Aveo offers one of the smallest, most economical profiles while still having four doors, which makes it so much easier for getting kids and other things into and out of the back seats.  Other features of the Chevrolet Aveo car rental that make life easy for mom include its wide-opening rear hatch, great turning radius, and excellent visibility all the way around.

Toyota Rav4 

Moms on the go with a bumpy road ahead enjoy the security and durability of the Toyota Rav4 car hire.  Sometimes your journey requires the power of a 4x4, but not all moms feel comfortable driving a big, heavy truck.  The Rav4 features a great driving position for women and feels just like a car.

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