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Hot Summer Car Hire Extras


In yesterday's blog we talked about the Hottest Summer Car Hires, but what about all the extra things that make summer vacation easier, safer, and more fun by car rental?  How will you protect your small children in the car?  What will you do if you get lost?  What if mom needs to take over and drive for dad?  No worries, sweet summer vacationers, we've got you covered with these excellent summer extras for your car hire.

Sat Nav GPS in a car hire

Child and Toddler Seats

You might notice during your reservation process with our booking engine that the safety seat options can vary greatly from car rental to car rental.  This is not because the car you have chosen is not suited for car seats, or because it requires a more or less expensive child safety seat.  We work with hundreds of different car rental providers to bring you the lowest prices, and the availability and price of child safety seats for each vehicle, like other extras, is simply a reflection of the car hire provider's options.

GPS Satellite Navigation System

You will find that nearly every car rental vehicle listed in our results (with the exception of a few car rental destinations around the world), will offer GPS as an optional extra.  Satellite Navigation in your car rental is not just awesome and high-tech, it is a practical way for families, foreign travelers, and virtually anyone to stay safe and stay on course.  As it has become more widely available it has also become far more affordable that it was perhaps the last time you rented a car, and is often offered as a free extra with select car rentals.  Look for a little gift box in the car description on your results page.

Additional Drivers

Save yourself the worry and add one!  If a member of your group might share the responsibility you might as well keep everything legit with your rental agreement; the extra fee is minimal.  The prices are done per rental, so one low Additional Driver fee will cover you for one night or three weeks.  

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